Crede Quod Habes, Et Habes

I am a bit quiet at times,
a bit playful if I'm comfortable with you.
I am a bit complicated to understand,
because my personality is very contradictory.
I am not perfect, I make mistakes.
(Below is a small tumblr where I have a few of my music recordings. just in case)

Took my younger sister to the gym,

she wants to get “swole”.

Once she breaks herself in, its incremental leg loads and light upper body for toning.

Hmm.. Now im eating lazy dinner.

Protein shake and……

Recipe: (at subway)

Buffalo chicken
Mozzarella cheese
No veggies
Ranch sauce
Chipotle Southwest sauce
And lots of Parmesan cheese.





Are you reading this?……




Emotion and expressing emotion are human traits. Don’t rob boys of their humanity. @zellieimani

Most definitely. Emotions are the only definite substance behind existence. To restrict them is to have built up bars against our freedom.

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I want to learn to Astral Project. If it is possible then it is officially a goal.

I feel fuckin great today!
Annndd… It is LEG DAY!

Fuck. Yeah. Baby.

To some of you:

Fuck You.

Man, life is not perfect.

That is, from the perspective which I am focusing on.

Yes, I have a home, family, health, meals and all the essential things… Yes, I could focus on appreciating the things I have instead of the things I am lacking. Yes, Buddha preached that the cause of suffering is desire. The desire, want, need, or expectation of that which is not currently possessed is deemed as the root of all your psychological/ emotional ailments.

blah blah - “All you need to do is let go… live in the moment, find happiness in the here and now”

……….. And all the other wishy washy bullshit.

(Ok, yes, all that wishy washy bullshit is technically correct, its true.)

But currently I, and alike the many people who don’t have the patience for it, just don’t care for it… at least at the moment.. )

So I digress, to wishing and wanting.

There are certain things I wish I had… And they are not riches or materialistic in the sense of luxury or what the average person aspires for…

I just wish a few small details could change. Very simple things, so easy and yet so difficult… maybe really insignificant to others… but so important to me….

Now usually people think they will be happy when they get what they wish for, then end up realizing “It” on its own is not happiness, and again remit into the chase of the “next new thing” they wish for….

but I truly THINK, that if these few details could change, for the good of me, I would really be alot happier….

I mean after all, there’s only a few things I truly want… very simple things actually… and in its most basic form, I just want to feel good, content,