Crede Quod Habes, Et Habes

I am a bit quiet at times,
a bit playful if I'm comfortable with you.
I am a bit complicated to understand,
because my personality is very contradictory.
I am not perfect, I make mistakes.
(Below is a small tumblr where I have a few of my music recordings. just in case)

I usually just Know…
Even in times where I’d be better off not knowing.


How do you let someone down easily, as to not break their hearts? A friend confessed she had feelings for me but although I appreciate her greatly, I don’t feel the same way. I dislike these types of situations because you either get hurt, or are the one hurting them. I definitely don’t like hurting people. I don’t want things to get weird or fuck things up, as friends. Damn, I haven’t even replied to her texts. I feel terrible over this shit.

We choose what we Believe. I choose to Believe in Myself…

You belong with me

Gotta keep it real tho. Our wants give us wings at times, but my feet firmly on the ground is more to my liking.

I just need to keep working, working out, and go back and work on my psychology Master’s. Then, if God wills it to be, the PhD.

I’ve seen enough in life to know that when things don’t work out its for a reason. That particular moment wasn’t meant for you. You had to miss the target that day so that your arrow will hit the right one tomorrow.